# Buy on Mac App Store

Gyroflow Toolbox is a one-time payment of 9.99.

Click here to buy Gyroflow Toolbox on the Mac App Store**

This is generally 9.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD9.99, USD9.99, CAD9.99).

However, if your country doesn't have an equivalent of 9.99 (i.e. Rp 169,000 in Indonesia), it will default to a USD$9.99 equivalent (calculated by Apple).

There is currently no free trial, and it is only be available on the Mac App Store as a one-time payment.

Alternatively, as Gyroflow Toolbox is open source, you can also build it yourself via GitHub.

You can find information about Educational Pricing here.

# Support Gyroflow

Gyroflow Toolbox wouldn't be possible without the genius of AdrianEddy, and the hero Gyroflow application.

You can donate to the Gyroflow team here.

# Previous Versions

The initial public release of Gyroflow Toolbox v1.0.0 was USD$4.99.

We then later tweaked the pricing to make it 9.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD9.99, USD9.99, CAD9.99).

With the release of Gyroflow Toolbox v1.1.0, we increased the price to 9.99 to cover development costs.

We may increase the price in the future, depending on the development time required and the amount of users.